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Historical Photos on Baptiste Lake

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We know that Aboriginal people of the Algonquin nation first inhabited the lake. Baptiste Lake was first known as Kaijick Manitou by the Aboriginals, named after a chief and meaning "Cedar Spirit". Algonquin Chief Jean Baptiste and his family are believed to be the earliest permanent resident. Hence, the village and lake were named Baptiste.

My family and I have cottaged on the lake for many years and long have wondered:

                  . what did the lake system look like without a dam?
                  . what historical sights would you see as you boated around the lake?

The maps and images contained in this article are a pictorial overview detailing:

- current lake system overlayed on an original lake map (coming soon)

- historical views you would see as if you were at a specific location on the lake (more to come)

The photo below (looking south on the lake) gives you an idea of old Baptiste area with Grant's, train station and chateau in its day.