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The information on this page are provided by fellow cottagers or residents and represent their personal questions and comments respecting the lake and its community.            

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Hastings Highlands Issues

Ghost stories about Baptiste lake!

Thought you might enjoy taking a look at the following site. Click here to read stories: www.torontoghosts.org
'Dead Horse Point' is another confusing location. An old lumbermen who used to raft logs down the lake once told me that they called the rock and pine point where the older Kerr cottage now is, 'Dead Horse Point' in honour of a raft horse which died there. Now, the sandy point nearer the marina seems to have inherited the name.
RE: location of "Dead Horse Point". Henry Chamberlain, a farmer from McGary Flats told us in the fifties that the horses were drowned off of Pine Point (Kerr's yellow cottage) I found horse's teeth while swimming at the beach in the cottage next door (Waltier) in the sixties. From: [dalemjones101@hotmail.com]
Did you know that Baptiste has an island called a point (Rabbit Point) and a nearby point called an island (Wyke Island.) Makes our lake more interesting.