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Historical Photo Gallery

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Baptiste Family Album

Here are some family photos of the pioneer Baptiste family. Click on the photo's for a full size picture.

Photos courtesy of: Laurie Pon, Edmonton, AB (a Baptiste family descendant)

Approx. 1895, Chief John with his children Annie Baptiste and son Sam Baptiste along the shores of Baptiste Lake. Chief John Baptiste, approx. 1918, standing tall with his rifle on the shores of Baptiste Lake. The canoes in these pictures were made from birch bark and his family was well known for making the birch bark canoe. Chief John Baptiste in 1918, in front of his home on shores of Baptiste Lake with his dog Sanko, rifle and canoe.

Chief John's family. (L to R) Mary, grandson Francis, Sam, Susan, Chief John, Frank Lavalley (Mary's husband). This photo was taken after a succussful hunting trip. Notice the skinned deer in the foreground (left side). Taken 1918. Here are Sam Baptiste and his sister Annie. The photo was taken at Sam's log cabin on Baptiste Lake. This cottage was later destroyed in a fire from an oil lamp. Photo taken in the late 1950's. Annie Baptiste preparing what looks to be a fish meal at Baptiste Lake around 1940.
Sam Baptiste and his wife Rosie hunting for wildlife. Approx. the early 1920's. Click here to see a picture of Sam and Rosies' son, John (Jack) Baptiste Hugh Thomas Hunter was married to Celia Baptiste who was the third oldest daughter of Chief John Baptiste and Madeline Benway. Was known as Tom Hunter. This photo was taken in front of their log cabin on Baptiste Lake with his daughter Alice. Approx 1928. Tom Hunter building a birch canoe along the shores of Baptiste Lake. Approx 1928.

Mary Baptiste and husband Frank Lavalley approx. 1940's in front of their home on Baptiste Lake. Mary passed on 1948. Paddling the canoe is Alice Hunter the Grandaughter of John Baptiste and Madeline Benway. She is the daughter of Celia Baptiste and Thomas Hunter. She is paddling with a friend on Baptiste Lake. Circa 1925. Mary Baptiste(Lavalley) with son Billy Lavalley and Anne Baumhour who later married Joe Yateman, Photo taken on the shore of Baptiste Lake around 1933-34.