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Memories of Grants - Historical Photo Gallery    Courtesy of: Bruce Montgomery Collection, Baptiste Village, ON
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Can you identify the men in this picture? Taken in 1910, outside of the brand new Grants store. Here's a photo of the tin house next to Grants'in 1908. The house has not changed that much over the years. A shot of the IB&O train running along the south shore in 1920.

Baptiste Lake as seen from the Old church property up the hill behind Grants' store. Old Church in original location up the hill behind Grants'. Mrs.Lizzie Grant donated the current church land and had the old church moved to its current location. A rare photo of Hiram Grant, in front of Grants store, 1927. Hiram at age 14 in 1893 at a lumber camp.

This is a classic. Grants' store in 1934, with 3 chimneys, gas pumps and the poolroom on the back near the village road. Mabel Grant as a young girl in 1922. Hiram Grant waiting for the mail train at Baptiste Village Station in 1934.

Baptiste Village Rail Station in use, 1948. Mabel (Grant) Poff was the last of the Grants to own Grants store in Baptiste Village. Photo taken in the Grants' store. Mrs. Ferguson worked for Mabel. Mrs. Viney owned the tin cottage with the red trim, first building east of the store.The tin house is now the oldest building on the lake, built in 1899 as a railway house.

Isobel Coe was Mabels' sister. She owned the white cottage across /behind the store. The Poff's were the last generation of Grants to own Grant's store. Grant's store in the 80's.

Jane and Pomeroy Sutherland, the grandparents of Orval Robbins (who is now 84.). Orval is a great source of history. The Sutherlands family farm was about 5 miles up the Bowen road behind the Grant's store. Orval Robbins mother was Annie (Sutherland) Robbins. Standing by the Baptiste Station in 1939. 1939, the lady on the left is Mrs. Edna Laundry and the man third from the left is Emerson Laundry.

1921, the train in Baptiste Station with young Mable Grant sitting on a fence. 1925, Freeman Grant (Mabels brother) with a cart at Baptiste Station. 1995, aerial view of Grants

Two aerial photos of Grants taken in 1986 and 1990. The pot bellied stove, oak cabinet and railway picture were in the Baptiste Station. They belonged to an old railway man and were bought at a Highland Grove auction in 1989. Inside Grants restaurant 1996